Welcome to Dreams in the Wind

Dreams in the Wind in truth is  a project that started out merely as an exercise in rediscovering my vocabulary. I found over the years my blue collar background had caused my vocabulary to slip into a few colorful sayings. To correct this I started writing.

At first I started small and often found myself writing about music and artists I liked. The was mostly straightforward historical and factual tidbits I happened to find interesting. Before long I was writing short stories. I just needed somewhere to share them. So starting a blog was the obvious thing to do. So that’s what I did. Dreams in the wind was born.

Fortunately I had just enough technological knowledge that I could make this blog a reality. However I realized that most people don’t. So that’s why I thought I do something different. I decided to open up my blog and let anybody post a short story of their own.  

So if you have short story or have amusing tale you would like to share. Then please just visit the contact form and let me know. Just be advised that no political or porongraphic submissions will be published.

For the rest of you I hope you enjoy the stories and my musings in the meantime. Thank you so much for stopping by this corner of the internet.

Keith Ashwood